Art of Living Well

Are you ready for change but don't know where to begin?

Do you find it hard to begin an exercise program or stay with it once you begin?

Have you tried many diets but always go back to old unhealthy eating habits?

Have you had a difficult life transition, illness or injury?

You can follow through on that exercise program you always contemplated. 

You can have abundant, tasty food choices and still lose weight. 

You can recover from difficult life transitions, illness or injury. 

You can foster creativity and beauty in your life. 

You can thrive.

And it can happen with grace and joy. 

Imagine receiving support, training and guidance from someone who has walked the path before you, more than once. 

Imagine really creating the life you want.  

Receive a personalized exercise, food and self care plan so you can have the solid foundation to build your dreams on. Receive the support and guidance to follow through.  Experience an integrated,  wholesome approach that honors the changing seasons, science based research, delicious food, fun exercise and joy.

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  • Personal Guiding 
    • $60 hr 
  • Virtual Online Guiding 
    • $45 hr
  • "Navigating the New Year" 
    • $65 month  
  • Let Your Yoga Dance® 
    • $20 class

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Find out which stage of change you are in. Receive actionable steps to move you towards your goals. Discover how to move through resistance.  

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Jill's Philosophy

I believe wellness is our birthright. 

It is not a destination, but a journey we arrive at everyday just simply by being. Wellness is a daily balancing practice; one that becomes easier with time.  By honoring the changing seasons and elements, we allow ourselves to come back to a path that heals us through rhythm and nature. 

I believe in whole body nourishment. I never diet, I balance. I believe in finding what comes naturally to each individual so change can be made with ease.  Eating well can be delicious and exercising can be fun.  Finding gratitude and humor are keys on the path, even though they can sometimes be elusive.

Challenges arise.  What is initially experienced as painful can transform into a gift when we find our way to the other side of struggle. As a  guide, I help others  navigate to find the gift. I share tools to create ones' optimal sense of wellness. I offer support through listening, guiding, education, love and understanding to achieve graceful change.

New Year Support

"Navigating the New Year"

January 2 - 30th 2018

Join a month long journey to set 2018 on course. 

Tired of failing at your New Year's resolutions?

 Learn why it's so common.

 Discover the science behind habit building and how to create lasting change. 


  • 1 hr weekly virtual group health coaching
  • weekly seasonal recipes 
  • seasonal self care practices 
  • the science of goal setting 
  • a restorative health ritual
  • community of others on the path

Share your dreams, and gain the tools to achieve them. Follow through on New Years Resolution with support.

Only $80 for an entire month of support. 

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"Jill was an incredible source of support, information and direction." - W.S.

Jill Elizabeth

My Journey

Over twenty years ago was my summer of firsts; my first yoga class in Hong Kong, my first women's retreat in Bali, my first body work training in shiatsu. I was walking a path towards wellness out of curiosity. I attended Naropa University that fall and began an in depth study into meditation, yoga, aikido and art as prescene. 

One fateful day, on the aikido mat, I suffered a blow to the head that resulted in a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). 

The path to wellness I had been exploring suddenly became mandatory. 

The years following that injury have taught me many things; how to rebuild from the ground up, how to resource from nature, how to care for my body with food & exercise, how to heal my mind, and the importance of patience and acceptance.

Surviving that experience and several other surgeries has led me to the gift on the other side of my struggle, my work. Sharing my knowledge, support tools and creativity with others has become one of my greatest joys.

My experience

I have been a wellness practioner & guide for  more than 15 years. From special needs arts educator to biodynamic farmer, my early career was diverse.  Years later, as a professional Alaskan backcountry guide I led others to  tdeeper soul connection with and the beauty of wild nature. 

Seven years ago I heard a call to be of service to more people,  landing me Southern California where I trained in the arts of ayurvedic cooking, yoga, and healing body therapies.  I have been wellness cook for those in transition to health, as well as a caterer for Yogic & Shamanic Retreats.  My guiding practice serves a diverse LA client base.

My arts background sparks creativity with clients therapeutically, whether producing a painting or designing indoor/outdoor sacred spaces for personal and group healing. 

Click here to see artwork.


BA & Minor in Tradtional Eastern Arts - Naropa University

REMT - Remote Emergency Medical Technician 

ACE® Health Coach &  Group Fitness Instructor

Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher & Teacher Trainer Assistant

Red Tent Mentor

Raphaology Herbal Practioner

Foundational Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher 

Embodiment Yoga Therapist

Akashic Record Reader 

Reiki III Practioner

In process

ACE® Personal Trainer


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What is a Red Tent Mentor? - click here

What is Reiki? - click here

"Jill is a sensitive healer and is able to tap into what is best for me.  I feel blessed to have found her and be a recipient of her talents." G.B.


"I've been using Jill's services for close to a year and have loved and appreciated every minute of the coaching support she's offered. Jill is flexible, and works around my schedule, which is something that's important to me. Aside from her technical skill and knowledge, Jill has an innate sense about what I need that helps guide, not only our conversations, but also how to approach the holistic view of what I need. If you've ever even thought about what you could do to improve your life, health, and mental well-being, then you've found the right person, in Jill, to travel that road with you."    

C. C. Dowling Author & Mother

"Jill is a rich source of knowledge, a great teacher and caregiver. Her support both through a deep cleanse and  in my day to day diet and changing lifestyle, has been a major part of my growth and ongoing journey.  I am eternally grateful. Coming out of a very toxic lifestyle Jill was an incredible source of support, information and direction.  Guru means “to lead out of darkness into light”.  Jill was an incredible guru for a complete novice’s journey from toxicity (darkness) into balanced wellness (light) – in body, mind and spirit.  From supplementation, reflexology, counseling to nutrition I was held (literally) into healing. "   

Wes Stevens, CEO/ Founder Vox 

"Besides being extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it heals itself, Jill also takes into account how your personal approach will affect your growth - your pace, your willingness, your own knowledge about yourself - and crafts something incredibly unique and attainable. 

She knows one size can’t fit all, and so she is committed to finding the path that will work best for you. 

Success is entirely within your reach with Jill."  

Will Harris  Actor &  Musician

"Aside from having all the requisite technical knowledge around nutrition, Jill is extremely intuitive and personal. 

She climbs deep into your specific needs and routinely blew my mind with how quickly she was able to detect the nuances of my past blockages and obstacles. 

You won't find a better health coach when it comes to deeply personal and loving care."  

Lane Thomas Aikin Recruiter 

Red Bull North America

"Taking the first step"

Jill Elizabeth

Studio City, CA 91604

(310) 720-0105