Art of Living

Which path do I take to wellness? 

How many times have you asked yourself this question? 

Have you tried to start an exercise program, diet or recover from a life transition only to fall off your path?

You can follow through on that exercise program you always contemplated. 

You can have abundant, tasty food choices and still lose weight. 

You can recover from difficult life transitions, illness or injury. 

You can foster creativity, laughter and beauty in your life. 

You can thrive.

And it can happen with grace and joy. 

Imagine receiving support, training and guidance from someone who has walked the path before you, more than once. 

Imagine really creating the life you want.  

Experience an integrated approach that honors the changing seasons, science based research, delicious food, fun exercise and joy. Receive the support and guidance to follow through with a personally tailored program just for you. 

"If you've ever even thought about what you could do to improve your life, health, and mental well-being, then you've found the right person, in Jill, to travel that road with you."    

C. C. Dowling Author & Mother


"Jill was an incredible source of support, information and direction." - W.S.

"Taking the first step"

Jill Elizabeth

Studio City, CA 91604

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